Getting to Know Me

Welcome to my first blog post ever!

I moved to Winnipeg 10 years ago and thanks to all of you I feel at home more and more every day. Since I gave birth to my little girl I realise that the parents community is very tight and active here! It takes a village to raise a child is a semi-reality in Winnipeg. We just have to have the courage to get out in the arctic cold to meet people, in fact, our weather probably explains our need to connect.

I grew up in the countryside close to Ottawa in a francophone community in a close knit family. I studied social work and worked as a community outreach counselor for 5 years.

At the age of 11 I remember having a clear calling - I wanted to be a mother, that is what I wanted to be when I grew up. Almost 20 years later, I realised my dream but during those years I developed a strong interest and passion for pregnancy and labour. My fascination keeps on getting bigger, especially since I took my doula course from which I discovered wonderful books and resources!

My goal with this blog is to connect once a week with you to talk about everything pregnancy related. There will be little trips in my head, we will meet interesting and impressive women and I will present interviews with different healthcare professionals.

9 things that I like :

  • I love chocolate! But a few years ago I realised that I have to stop myself from eating it after 3pm or else I won’t sleep at night.
  • I like taking walks in the woods. Since I moved to Winnipeg I don’t have easy access to the forest but I love taking walks in the winter times and look through house’s windows. Yep, I’m weird like that but hey, it gives me decoration ideas.
  • I am most comfortable wearing warm and cozy clothes. People who know me know that very often when I’m home I’m wearing my slippers and my housecoat.
  • I like cooking and I prefer cooking for people that I care for. I almost always make more so we have leftovers… because leftovers are the best!
  • I like taking baths with my baby. Or alone with candles and a good book.
  • I like lattés, especially the ones my husband makes for me!
  • I like spending time at my parent’s place with my family, either during summer at the pool or winter around a beautiful and loud table!
  • I like to connect with people and I find it easier to do so with a small group or one on one.
  • I like putting my nose in my cat’s fur.