About The Doula

About me

I grew up in Casselman, Ontario in a francophone family. I studied Social Work and worked as a Community Counselor for 5 years. I've been living in Winnipeg for 10 years now and in 2017, I gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. I am a doula since 2016.

Go read my first blog entry to get to know me better!

Doula Canada

I started my doula course with Doula Training Canada in August 2016 and I graduated 2 weeks before giving birth in November 2017, the timing was on point!

My role

As your doula I will help you feel happy about your baby's birth process.

We will have a few meetings before the birth to help you prepare and get information. I will be present for every part of your active labour. I will visit you a few times at home to help your family find it's new rhythm. Plus, I will be available by phone, text and email for the entire duration of our contract together.

Support for the couple

A doula will never take your partner's place. My role is to accompany the couple's journey focusing on the mother's wishes :

  • I will be bringing a grounding and calming energy to the room during the entire active labour
  • I will share relaxation techniques and pain managment tools with you
  • I will help you follow your birth plan as closely as possible and I am there to help you change it if you want/have to