New Year's Resolutions for a Better Mental Health

Welcome to 2019! We were away for two weeks during the holidays and coming back to the routine was harder than ever. Getting used to being far from my family again, the lack of routine, the holiday high that is suddenly gone, the cold weather and darkness that won’t go away for a couple of months are all things that affect my mental health. Because of the amount of time it took to come back from all of this, I’m a bit late for new year’s resolutions but I still decided to write about things I want to add more of to my life in the hopes of taking better care of my mental health and health in general this year. I hope you will appreciate and maybe that some of the ideas will be new and exciting for you!

I’ve always had difficulties “living in the moment” and since I became a mom I often find myself reflecting on the power and the benefits of mindfulness. All parents of small children hear this phrase hundreds of times from their surrounding : “Enjoy it because it goes by so fast”. I work hard at being as mindful as I can, absorbing or appreciating every little moment. For me, mindfulness comes alive when I start focusing on the experience instead of my expectations of it.

I believe in the power of meditation, of its benefits on our bodies and minds. But I still find it very difficult meditating everyday or even on a regular basis. The concept seems to take a while to integrate for me and for a lot of people, but there are a few apps out there to help us find our favorite style. Here is a list of apps that are, in my opinion, worth checking out : Meditating helps me sleep and help me stay positive.

When the weather started to be cold again this year, I stopped going for my daily walks. I always found an excuse not to put my daughter in her snowsuit because just getting out of the house is a work out and I didn’t think I could find the energy. I still have a hard time finding the courage, but I know that going outside brings so much goodness to our days at home together. Moving, a change of scenery and fresh air is absolutely energizing!

As a new parent, I find myself disconnected from other people around me. And to be honest, I started being a hermit even before having a baby. I think social medias give us a false sense of socialization and connection. I really want to work hard at connecting with people this year and I challenge everyone to do the same. By turning off the television a couple of nights a week, by scheduling dates with friends, by taking the time to call someone just to chat, by taking a new class or joining a group. Feeling connected to people makes a huge difference on our mental health.

I hope that the year 2019 will bring you joy, love and peaceful moments!