Winter Activities

Since Christmas is just around the corner I decided to do a series of smaller blogs with a festive theme for the next couple of weeks. I am taking a break because I won’t talk about pregnancy or labour at all. Instead, I will share with you some lists of things that I like to do or listen to during the holidays in hopes that it will give you new ideas!!

5 Winter Activities (winter is not just fun during the holidays) :

  • Nothing beats the feeling of waking up on a weekday and my mom telling me that the school bus won’t come, snow day!!! So why should we not try to recreate this feeling as adults and with the whole family? If it snows a lot (a day when you don’t work), I urge you to try and cancel your plans and stay in your PJs all day!
  • Parks are not as busy during winter, obviously, but I think we should still take advantage of them. We can take family walks to observe different types of trees, birds and footprints in the snow, during the day but also at night when it’s not too cold. Most of the parks have beautiful lights and it adds a magical touch. Some parks also have hills for tobogganing, ponds to skate on and ski/snowshoe trails. We can even organise winter picnics when the weather permits it.
  • Having dance parties with your children makes for great memories. We listen to music everyday and bust a move here and there, it’s fun and it makes the kids laugh but organizing a real dance party with colorful lighting, snacks and a playlist is so special!
  • Go outside!! We live in a country where our winters are often longer than our summers and if we stay inside we risk to develop illnesses and symptoms of seasonal depression. Activities as simple as catching snowflakes on your tongue, building a snowperson, having a snowball fight, building forts and taking walks in parks as mentioned earlier can make your body and soul feel good. Use your imagination and deepen your love for winter.
  • We spend considerably less time in the kitchen during the summer months and when we do (because we need to eat) the kids are often outside playing. We tend to come home early in winter because it gets dark and cold and I think it’s a great excuse to start cooking with the family. Kids often have a feeling of accomplishment and sense of responsibility when they cook and on top of that it’s a great way to spend time together. Find tips and ideas for every age right here :