Justine Doula

Hi, my name is Justine Aubut-Beaudry and I am a labour and birth doula in Winnipeg, Manitoba and its surroundings.

Welcome to my first blog post ever!

I moved to Winnipeg 10 years ago and thanks to all of you I feel at home more and more every day. Since I gave birth to my little girl I realise that the parents community is very tight and active here! It takes a village to raise a child is a semi-reality in Winnipeg. We just have to have the courage to... read more

Did you know that 1 in 6 couples suffers from infertility? IVF (In vitro fertilization) is an option that a lot of those couples choose. (...) I interviewed a wonderful winnipegger that went through this whole process; although her journey didn't start with infertility, she explains her IVF experience. read more

Treatments in pelvic floor physiotherapy are not well known here in Canada although a lot of women have short and long term problems after they give birth. When we hear young moms talk about their incontinence problems caused by a birth, we get a good laugh out of it. The pelvic floor undergo great trauma during... read more

I cannot believe that my little one will turn one tomorrow!! This last year went by way too fast… but I have to be honest and say that some days were dragging and felt too long.

My parents were at our house when my labour started and that meant they were there when we came back from the Birth Centre. I didn’t know how I would feel about this because so many other mothers were telling me that after their birth they just wanted to be alone with their babies and partners taking the time to bond together. But for me... read more

I decided to talk about baby massages this week because I sincerely think that they bring something special to our relationship with our children and also, we just don’t know enough about the topic. I started early giving massages to my baby and I noticed right away a positive response from her. Most of the time, she was calm, was looking in my eyes and was smiling… I use the past tense because since a few months ago she moves way too much to appreciate it, maybe I will start again when she is a bit older... read more.

Ellen Cobb-Friesen was my first client and the whole experience was very special for me because her and her partner are some of my dearest friends. Less than a month after they asked me to be their doula, I became pregnant and I was so excited to share this journey with her. When the big day came, I was 34 weeks pregnant and determined to do everything in my power to bring them my complete attention and all of my energy. In her interview you will hear all about her very long labour (thank you Ellen for sharing your story with everyone) and also her thoughts on her experience with... read more

Rebecca Sprintz is the owner of Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist (CMAAC) in Winnipeg, and is currently in her 9th year of practice. She studied in Victoria and became a Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturist and specializes in Prenatal care. Rebecca has trained Doulas, Midwives... read more